Give an Hour

Write about your visit

Visit Glastonbury Abbey and write about your favourite part of your visit in a blog or on social media.

What's involved?

Visit Glastonbury Abbey, wander the grounds and take in some of the information provided around the site and in the visitors centre. Following your visit, write a social media post or blog post about what you enjoyed about your time at the abbey and your favourite part(s).

Why get involved?

Letting us know your favourite things about Glastonbury Abbey helps us to understand how our visitors view the abbey, understand what our visitors like best about the experience we offer, lets us know that your visited and hopefully encourages others to do so as well.

How to get involved?

Step 1: Log in or Sign up

Step 2: Accept the challenge

Step 3: Take a trip to Glastonbury Abbey

Step 4: Take time to wander the grounds and read some of the information provided. You could even take a living history tour to give you even more insight into the rich history of the abbey.

Step 5: Think about what you enjoyed most about your visit, why you would come back and why you might recommend it to others.

Step 6: Write a social media post or blog about your thoughts. (Don't forget to tag Glastonbury Abbey!)

Step 7: Challenge complete!


Ideal Skill

  • Social Media

Ideal Interests

  • Architecture and Building management
  • Conservation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Learning and Education

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