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Invite friends to an event

Invite friends to a Glastonbury Abbey event on our Facebook page.

What's involved?

Visit the Glastonbury Abbey Facebook page, find an event that interests you or might interest your friends and family and invite away!


You can take part in this challenge as often as you like!

Why get involved?

Your friends will get a notification to say that you have invited them to the event(s) and when they open this, it will take them to the event information page where they can also find more events at Glastonbury Abbey. Inviting your friends to a Glastonbury Abbey event could potentially increase attendance and may encourage them to go to the event and even spread the word themselves by sharing or inviting others.

How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign up or log in

Step 2: Accept the challenge

Step 3: Go to www.facebook.com/GlastonburyAbbeySomerset and click on “Events”.

Step 4: Find an event that you or your friends and family may be interested in.

Step 5: Click “Share” and “Invite friends”.

Step 6: Choose friends to invite to the event and press “Send invitations”. You can invite as many friends as you like – each friend invited is another potential attendee.

Step 7: Challenge complete!

Ideal Skill

  • Social Media

Ideal Interest

  • Events and Programming

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