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Sign up for a yearly membership

Sign up online or visit Glastonbury Abbey Ticket Office to purchase a yearly membership for the abbey.

What's involved?

Visit Glastonbury Abbey or go on our website and purchase a season ticket. It will allow you to visit as much as you like and enjoy our beautiful parkland and ruins 364 days of the year.

Why get involved?

Glastonbury Abbey is a place of beauty, peace and tranquillity, enjoyed by people from all around the world. By buying a season ticket not only does it provide you with a great place to walk, learn, picnic or relax on the grass, but also helps us to keep and preserve the ruins for future generations.

How to get involved?

Step1: Sign up or Log in

Step2: Accept the Challenge

Step3: Visit Glastonbury Abbey Ticket Office or www.Glastonburyabbeyshop.com and purchase your season ticket

Step4: Enjoy a years’ worth of access to Glastonbury Abbey

Step5: Challenge complete!

Ideal Interests

  • Architecture and Building management
  • Conservation
  • Learning and Education

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